About SL4GR

Liberty Student-

Students at Liberty for Gun Rights (SL4GR), is a student organization at Liberty University dedicated to upholding Second Amendment rights at our campus, encouraging a healthy, safe, and positive gun culture, and promoting better community among students and other organizations with similar views and goals to ours.

Throughout each academic year, we have an exciting schedule of club events. These include presentations from well-know gun rights activists, such as Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America and Philip Van Cleave of Virginia Citizen Defense League, debates and discussions about matters pertaining to the Second Amendment and the sport of shooting in general, cookouts and meet-and-greets, and range days. We offer a club membership at only $5 per academic year, which offers access to exclusive events and meetings, as well as major discounts on our activities like the range day.

Our events¬†are generally after 6 on weekdays, with the exception of all-day events like the range days. We would love to see you at one of them! We also table before our major events: you may have seen us before in Demoss Hall by the first floor elevators. Feel free to stop by and chat with our friendly club representatives! Be sure to like our Facebook page, and follow our Twitter account, both of which you can find in this site’s sidebar. Also, please sign up for our email alerts!

Molon Labe!