2013-14 Events

Kickoff Event – 11/5/13

  • SL4GR’s first ever event, with over 20 people in attendance!

LU Weapon Policy Meeting – 11/27/13

  • An event educating students of LU’s weapon policy.

Guest Speaker: Larry Ledford – 2/18/14

  • Former military and law enforcement officer, as well as Second Amendment supporter, Larry Leford spoke to the club and gave great insight to the importance of the Second Amendment.

Gun Legislation Discussion – 3/5/14

  • An event discussing current firearm legislation.

Firearm Education  Meeting – 4/14/14

  • This event went over firearm safety, and prepared members for the Range Day.

Range Day – 4/27/14

  • An awesome Range Day where members got to shoot AK47s, AR15s, and many more. Even a .50 caliber sniper rifle!

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