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What’s New for the LU Range

As if things couldn’t get better, Liberty University Club Sports recently held an informational meeting on February 17 at the LaHaye Ice Center to present new concept designs and schematics for Liberty’s upcoming shooting range as well as introduce the university’s future shooting teams.  There to present and answer questions was Brad Butler, Liberty’s Planning and Construction Coordinator, and Executive Director Dave Hartman.

As Brad Butler explained, the new range, which is currently under construction near Liberty’s Camp Hydaway, will feature the following:New Range Project Table

  • contemporary awards pavilion (see picture)
  • one, two, and three hundred yard rifle ranges
  • pistol range
  • shotgun ranges to incorporate skeet, trap, five stand, and sporting clays
  • area to include three-gun competitions, tactical shooting, and a potential police shoot-house
  • Archery range
  • rifle/pistol fieldhouse

Dave Hartman then excitedly unveiled Liberty’s new Shooting Sports teams before taking questions.  Michael Humes, a member of SL4GR , asked “What teams are you looking to have available for the fall?”  Hartman replied by saying that “We expect to have every team ready to join for the Fall semester — Rifle, trap, skeet, archery, precision-air rifle, pistol.  Everything!  And by next spring, we expect to have everything very well off.”

Another one of the over eighty attendees asked, “Will there be instructors for the students?”  “Yes!” said Hartman.  “There will be instructors  made available to the student body.  I believe everyone interested in shooting should be trained to effectively and safely use a weapon.”

Lori Peters, a Liberty alumni, inquired “Will alumni have access?” Hartman replied by saying, “Yes, and with a discount!”

Those interested in Liberty’s new Shooting Sports or who have further questions may contact clubsports@liberty.edu or fill out an interest form from the Club Sports website.



Tanner Ray is the Executive Director or Students at Liberty for Gun Rights


Liberty Student- Click here to Join


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