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Shout or Be Silenced: Why You Should Blog for SL4GR

By Remso W. Martinez

When I started blogging I really had no business doing so. I was given a shot to write for free on the topics of environmentalism and economics, and even some comedy pieces, but still I was just a college student doing it to kill time.

Ever wonder if people read your blogs? Because that was what was going through my mind constantly as I wondered if I was spinning my wheels or contributing to the greater conversation.

Like many of you, I’m not a crowd person, I’d rather do a lot of things than stand before a crowd and talk about things. Writing is liberating though, and the idea that you can promote and push something that someone will take the time to read and learn and enjoy is a truly empowering thing. There is something about the written word that impacts people more than any other medium.

I’m an exception, I’m an introverted blogger turned accidental extravert talk show host, life is weird but the point is that writing has more of an impact on someone when the writer truly believes in what they are writing.

My point is this, SL4GR is an organization that is growing and growing at a rate far and few between clubs can achieve, and as a wise man once said we are surrounded by an ocean of information but are drowning in a flood of ignorance. Hard working Americans are depending on celebrities, politicians, and the media to be our loud horn, but sadly they all falter to stand for our voice and speak up when it matters. The only voice that can spread your ideals and message is yours, plain and simple every time.

Cool thing is that is a fun and to do so…

Guns being a big part of that fun…

Our group’s blogs have been featured everywhere from Gun Owners of America and other great sources. The SL4GR blog touches almost the entire LU campus and unlike many clubs, also hits viewers from across the commonwealth and the country as a whole.

“Why should I contribute?” Great question! Because instead of fighting your Marxist aunt on Facebook with memes, you can now appear more credible by having SL4GR backing you up.

Also, there is no better way to get published than with us, where our team of experienced bloggers will help guide you every step of the way. It’s a win-win situation so why not win big with us?

Nice thing is apart from the incentive to earn awesome prizes and other cool gun totting swag, we can get you published at sites ranging from The Liberty Conservative, Libertarian Wing Media, and other awesome sites looking for great 2nd Amendment related content.

Still wondering if blogging is for you? The one recommendation I have is if you’re on the fence, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try and see if it’s something you want to do once, maybe twice a semester and see where things go from there. You don’t know if you’ll enjoy it until you try and we want your blogging experience to be a blast.

Unqualified? That’s not an issue at all. After all, half the mainstream media is unqualified and that doesn’t seem to hurt many (just look at Brian Williams). You don’t get big unless you start at all, and the SL4GR blog is the best place for you to build up a portfolio and work on your name recognition as you learn and have fun along the way.

Come talk to us over the phone and grab coffee on campus, because we believe in this blog so much we understand we can’t do it without a team of individuals coming together to fulfil a purpose that very few individuals are willing to take up.

Kill some free time doing something amazing and join the blog team today!

Shout, don’t stutter.

To blog for SL4GR, contact us.

Liberty Student- Click here to Join



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