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Life as a millennial woman working in the gun industry [Opinion]

I’ve been around guns my entire life. It’s part of the territory that comes with being the daughter of a law enforcement officer. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember my dad bringing his 9mm Smith & Wesson with him wherever he went. I was taught to “never, under any circumstances, ever touch daddy’s gun.” I grew up with a respect for firearms and with that respect, a love for the Second Amendment.

In high school, while most girls were going to the mall on the weekends, I was with my dad at the range, learning how to shoot a variety of pistols and rifles. I remember getting teased for being that “strange girl” who loved target shooting and tactical training. If I merely mentioned the word “range” a glazed look would come over their faces. “Why would anyone want to shoot a gun?” classmates would ask, turning their noses up. Truth be told, the majority of the kids I grew up with were never exposed to firearms, therefore they never obtained the same admiration for them as I did. I guess part of it comes with growing up in Southern California.

While classmates sneered at the thought of being around guns, my friends, on the other hand, knew where to go whenever they wanted to learn handgun safety and obtain their first behind-the-weapon experience. They knew my dad would teach them the proper safety and respect that’s associated with firing a deadly weapon. The thought of firing a gun no longer seemed so intimidating.

Throughout high school and college, I was always interested in learning more about Second Amendment rights. When I interned at the American Conservative Union, I was super excited to meet my political hero, Wayne LaPierre, the National Rifle Association’s CEO and gun rights’ biggest advocate. And yes, he was just as awesome in person as I imagined him to be!

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Beth Baumann is outreach specialist for Alien Gear Holsters, a concealed carry holsters company. She is also a contributor to PolitiChicks and TheBlaze. Check out Beth’s weekly column, CCW Weekend, in The Daily Caller, where she writes about gun-related issues and legislation.

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