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Liberty Students “Love” the Second Amendment

On February 11, SL4GR hosted its first Valentine’s Day party. There was roughly 70 people in attendance. The event was located in the Helms Suite in DeMoss Hall. Attendees were prompted to wear either red or white based on their relationship status. Those who are single wore red, those in a relationship wore white, and if it were “complicated” pink was worn.

The night consisted of games, laughter and food. Shannon Robinson, an active member of SL4GR, explained that the event was a huge success. “It was a great night of eating and fellowship,” She said.

“It was a fun and relaxing environment, encompassed by a mutual adoration toward our Second Amendment rights,” student David Bean said.

A few of the evening activities consisted of a doughnut eating contest, a word challengefb_img_1456441405731.jpg and a matching making activity. At the start of the event each attendee was handed a
heart with a number on it. Each heart had a matching number. The attendee would then seek out their matching heart, and whoever had the matching number was their date for the night. The Valentine’s Day party was good time to catch up with friends, and meet new people. It was another successful event put on by SL4GR.

If you would like more information about SL4GR, sign up for their low volume Email List. And to be a part of more exclusive events like this, you can join online.

Written by Kylie Kehrman. Be sure to follow her on Twitter @Kymake71 and follow her on Medium @kkehrman

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