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5 Reasons Why My Faith Compells Me To Carry


I have no desire to kill anyone– ever. Even if it is completely justified. I hope I am never in a position where I have to take another’s life. But I intentionally used the words “have to” because I firmly believe in circumstances where a Christ-follower should feel compelled to do just that. 

My love for justice and humanity is founded by my love for God, and my love for God demands that I NOT yield to passivity when His image-bearers are being slaughtered. So while I do not wish for this circumstance to arise, I do hope to be present, courageous, and effective if and when it does. 

The discussion of Christians’ involvement with violence has seen a steep increase in popular media platforms. John Piper recently spoke up in opposition to remarks made by Liberty University’s president, Jerry Falwell Jr., regarding the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA. Falwell shared his thoughts that if more good citizens carried firearms, then mass shooters would be taken out before their agenda was complete. Falwell and Liberty University’s senior pastor, David Nasser (a former Muslim), announced that Liberty will be granting full scholarships to the children of those killed by the ISIS-fueled attack in San Bernardino. Falwell encouraged his students and staff to take advantage of Liberty’s free firearm training course that meets the requirement for a state-issued conceal-carry permit. Students and staff who possess a permit are permitted and encouraged to carry on Liberty’s campus. (Check out Students at Liberty for Gun Rights)

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