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God, Guns, and Literally Liberty by Remso Martinez

Students at Liberty for Gun Rights (SL4GR), a student run, pro-liberty and gun rights advocacy group at Liberty

12042975_1625370354409713_744263058698880251_n.jpg-oh=01de011fed599770eaacd8e4a82e731c&oe=56007A53University (LU), the largest Christian college in the world, kicked off the school year at LU’s block party in late August. The LU based organization, started in 2013 by US Government Politics and Policy major, Jordan Stein, is one of the most productive student activist groups on campus.

According to SL4GR’s mission statement, we “seek to provide a healthy gun culture on Liberty University’s campus through education and activism. To accomplish this, we [SL4GR] host activism events to promote and openly advocate for our rights. We have hosted guest speakers, such as Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America, and Range Days to promote responsible gun ownership. We believe that the right to keep and bear arms is God given and essential to a free society.”

SL4GR not only helps students keep an eye out for students’ carry rights on campus, but also reaches out to members of the student body who aren’t typically associated with gun advocacy crowds. SL4GR has an outstanding record of reaching out to female students on campus, such as Brittany Specht, the secretary for the organization. When I spoke to Brittany about why she was so passionate about speaking out about her Second Amendment rights, she had this to say:

As a woman, being able to properly and effectively defend myself is a high priority for me. Therefore, I count it as such a privilege have the opportunity to share information and experience with other women that enables them to confidently protect themselves when the need arises. The second amendment guarantees, we the people, with a way of defense; and I believe it is our duty, as Americans, to defend the Second Amendment.

The right own firearms to protect one’s life and property is a unique construct to America, and some other western nations. It is a vital check on government power to have a well-armed civilian populace. The right to self-defense was so influential in the understanding of natural rights that John Locke saw it as the first law of nature. Whether you believe that rights are granted by God or are a product of the natural order of the world, the right to self-defense is central. Yet over the past several decades, the right to bear arms has come under intense scrutiny. Recent political attacks on the possession of firearms, prompted by concerns about evil individuals who commit monstrous acts, make the role of organizations such as SL4GR even more vital.

Originally posted at studentsforliberty.org. Written by Remso Martinez. 


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